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A feed for error_log messages


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  1. First, cause a pair of errors
  2. Then, error_log shows them to you

Server requeriments

Ultra fast, indeed, installation

  1. Copy and paste the whole source code to a file called "errorlogfeed.php"
  2. Edit the code: Write a value for the required constants (the first 5 or 6 ones)
  3. Upload the file to the folder you want to


error_log feed is a PHP script that outputs a feed with one alert for each line found on the error_log files of a chosen directory and its subdirectories.

It's intended for webmasters that want to know, effortlessly, the warning and error messages caused by their own scripts on their Apache + PHP hosted web sites.

error_log feed: Because Shit Happens.


error_log feed generates a syntactically valid and warning free RDF feed: Valid RSS

error_log feed does not produce errors nor warnings in PHP 4.4 nor PHP 5.2 even with E_STRICT error reporting level.


For massive donations, suggestions, or even bug reporting: samuel aat islabinaria d'oht com

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